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EnSURE™ Multiple Quality Test System

EnSURE is a quality monitoring system that uses one instrument platform to collect, analyze and report data from multiple quality indicators. Using new state-of-the-art technology and patented designs, the EnSURE system is a simple to use, flexible, and an accurate quality monitoring system for numerous industrial applications.
Order number: EnSURE

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SystemSURE Plus™
ATP Hygiene Monitoring System

The SystemSURE Plus ATP luminometer is the next generation of the best selling SystemSURE II. Designed with state-of-the-art electronics and improved functionality this palm-sized system is easy to use, extremely sensitive and affordable. Used by large and small food processors, hospitals, restaurants, supermarkets, and other industries where rapid detection of contamination is critical, the SystemSURE Plus allows companies to quickly determine the cleaning efficiency and hygienic status of surfaces and water, ensure product quality, and reduce costs.
Order number: SS3

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The Pi-102 is an affordable multifunctional luminometer using traditional photo-multiplier tube technology. It can be used with cuvettes or all-in-one reagent devices such as Ultrasnap or Snapshot. Suitable for bioluminescence and chemiluminescence assays.

Order number: Pi102

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Instrument Test Devices

Ultrasnap™ ATP Surface Test

The Ultrasnap ATP test is an integrated device containing a unique liquid-stable reagent and Snap-Valve™ technology to deliver unbeatable accuracy and reproducibility. Simply swab an area, then snap, squeeze and read the results in a Hygiena luminometer.

Ultrasnap is designed exclusively for Hygiena luminometers.

Order number: US2020

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Aquasnap™ ATP Water Test

Aquasnap is a user-friendly, self-contained ATP water sampling device used with Hygiena luminometers. This pen-sized sample collection device is easy to use, and collects exactly 100 ul of water in the honeycomb-shaped dipper. It comes in two different versions, Total and Free. For more information on the product and the difference between the two types of devices see the product web page or brochure.

Order numbers:
AQ-100X - Aquasnap TOTAL
AQ-100F - Aquasnap FREE

Download Aquasnap product brochure (PDF - 317kb)pdf

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Supersnap™ High Sensitivity ATP Surface Test

SuperSnap is the most sensitive ATP surface test in Hygiena's ATP hygiene monitoring portfolio of all-in-one devices. Designed to work with all Hygiena luminometers, SuperSnap is an all-in-one test which detects extremely low levels of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). Used predominantly in food & beverage processing facilities as an allergen cross-contamination prevention tool or when dealing with difficult samples, SuperSnap can identify food residues at levels similar to protein levels detected by specific allergen tests. By incorporating SuperSnap into a prevention program, risks and issues are recognized in real time and immediate corrective action and preventative measures can be implemented before product overlays occur.

Supersnap is designed exclusively for Hygiena luminometers.

Order number: SUS3000

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Biomass Control Kit

The Biomass Control Kit is an easy-to-use system for companies looking for real-time monitoring of water quality and contamination in product. The Kit comes with Hygiena's unique liquid-stable luciferase reagent (a powerful extractant that exposes ATP) and sample tubes that can be read in the Pi-102.

Order number: # CCK2S

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ATP Test Devices for Other Instruments

Snapshot™ Universal ATP Surface Test

Snapshot™ are universal ATP test designed for luminometers not manufactured by Hygiena. Each version of Snapshot is designed to replicate the swab it is replacing. There is no need to change threshold settings on the luminometer being used. Snapshot test cost up to 40% less than the original equipment manufacturer test, but because they are made with Hygiena's unique liquid-stable reagent and built with Hygiena's Snap Valve technology they yield more accurate and consistent results. A study done in 2010 by the world's largest reference lab showed improved performance on all systems using Hygiena's test devices. Companies using other systems other than Hygiena, have the ability to trade-in their existing system for a Hygiena system for free. For more information on this program click here.

Order numbers:
  • SBC1575 - BioControl Systems Lightning & Lightning MVP®
  • SPXL1333 - 3M or Biotrace Uni-Lite NG® XCEL & Uni-Lite®
  • CH1616 - Charm Science NovLum, LUM-T, Firefly & Firefly 2
  • SHL1414 - Merck HyLite & Bioscan systems
  • US2020 - Kikkoman
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Watershot™ Universal ATP Water Test

Watershot is designed to help companies conduct water testing with a luminometer other than a Hygiena ATP System. Watershot will reduce costs and achieve more accurate results. The 100 µl dipper tip, combined with a unique liquid-stable reagent, provides more accurate sample collection and reproducible results than tests that use a swab bud and freeze dried enzymes. Watershot comes in two different configurations.

Order number:
  • Watershot Total W-SPXL1333 - 3M or BioTrace Uni-Lite NG, XCEL & Uni-Lite™
  • Watershot Free WF-SPXL1333 - 3M or BioTrace Uni-Lite NG, XCEL & Uni-Lite™

  • Download Watershot product brochure (PDF - 317kb)pdf

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    Contamination Control Kits

    The Contamination Control Kit is a high-precision test for measuring total and free ATP in liquid samples. It provides expanded flexibility over all-in-one test devices if dealing with samples that are difficult and hard to pickup with the honey-comb dippers in the all-in-one devices. Samples that are high quenching, have particulates or fibers in aqueous sample require cleanup and Contamination Control Kit can deal with these samples. The kit uses Hygiena's unique liquid-stable reagent which eliminates the reconstitution step of luciferin/lucferase other test kits have and produces more reliable results. The Contamination Conrtol Kit comes with an ATP standard and 100 cuvettes making it a complete kit.

    Order number: #
    CCK3 Designed for 3M or Biotrace luminometers - intended to replace the Multitrace Kit™
    CCK4 Designed for Hygiena Luminometers

    Download CCK3 product brochure (PDF )pdf
    Download CCK4 product brochure (PDF )pdf

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    Rapid Microorganism Tests

    Micro-Snap™ Rapid Microorganism Indicator Tests

    Micro-Snap is a rapid test for detection and enumeration of specific bacteria. The test uses a novel bioluminogenic test reaction that generates light when enzymes that are characteristic of specific bacteria react with specialized substrates to produce light. The light generating signal is then quantified in a sensitive, handheld luminometer. Results are available in 1 to 7 hours, depending upon required level of detection. Single figure organisms can be detected in 7 hours, enabling Micro-Snap to give results in the same working day or shift.

    Micro-Snap is designed exclusively for Hygiena luminometers.

    Order number:
  • MS-CC-100 - Micro-Snap Coliform
  • MS-EC-100 - Micro-Snap E.coli
  • MS-EN-100 - Micro-Snap Enterobacteriaceae

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    InSite is a quick and easy presumptive Listeria test that has been specifi cally designed to monitor presence of Listeria in environmental samples from the food processing environment. The test contains a liquid media formulated with antibiotics, growth enhancers, and color changing compounds specific to the growth of Listeria species. A color change from yellow to light brown/black is considered presumptive positive. Applicability of InSite is limited for selected common Listeria spp (Listeria monocytogenes, L. innocua, L. ivanovii, and L.welshmeri) on selected common surface types..

    Order number:
    IL50 (50 tests) IL100 (100 tests)

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    Color Indicating Surface Monitoring Tests

    SpotCheck Plus™

    SpotCheck Plus detects lactose and glucose residue in 60 seconds or less. Presence of either substance is indicated by the change in color of the self-contained reagent. SpotCheck Plus allows you to detect residue from products containing lactose or glucose almost instantly, without instrumentation, allowing immediate corrective action.

    Order number: GL100

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    PRO-Clean is a quick and easy way to accurately monitor the cleanliness of food equipment surfaces to help ensure food safety and product quality. PRO-Clean detects protein residues left on a surface after cleaning. Simply swab a surface and release the reagent. If food residue is present the reagent will turn purple. The color change provides a semi-quantitative measurement of the surface cleanliness. The more contamination present, the quicker the color change to purple and the darker the color. PRO-Clean quickly validates the hygiene of a surface, allowing immediate corrective action to be taken if necessary.

    Order number: PRO-100

    Download PRO-Clean product brochure

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    ALLER-Snap is a quick and easy way to accurately monitor the cleanliness of surfaces to help ensure product quality. ALLER-Snap detects protein residues left on a surface after cleaning. Simply swab a surface, release the reagent and if protein residue is present the reagent will turn purple. The color change provides a semi-quantitative measure of the surface cleanliness. The more contamination present, the quicker the color change to purple and the darker the color. ALLER-Snap quickly validates the hygiene of a surface, allowing immediate corrective action to be taken if necessary.

    Order number: ALS-100

    Download ALLER-Snap product brochure

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    Environmental Collection and Dilution Devices


    Increase productivity and efficiency while reducing lab costs by using Q-Swab for your environmental monitoring needs. Q-Swab comes with multiple 1ml buffer formulations for optimal recovery of bacteria. Simply swab an area, then snap and squeeze – the sample is now neutralized and ready for transport or plating. Next, either pour the solution onto 3M Petrifilm or streak onto an agar plate. With Q-Swab, there is no need for broth preparation.

    Order numbers:

    • Letheen Broth - QS1200
    • Buffered Peptone Water - QS1000
    • Stuart's Medium - QS1300
    • Amie's Medium - QS1400
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    Transport Swab

    Sampling device for customers looking for a swab containing more than 1 ml of pre-filled liquid like the Q-swab. The device is available in 10 mL and 4 mL volumes. Sample collection is easy with the attached swab and screw cap lid. The prefilled bottles have ample headspace for sample addition to release organisms from the swab. Collect and transport your environmental sample with efficiency and ease. Collect your sample by swabbing the surface, recap, and send to the lab.

    Order numbers:

    • 10mL - HTS-10
    • 4mL - HTS-4
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    QD-Loop is an all-in-one sterile system for accurate and convenient volumetric dilutions. An accurate calibrated loop on a 4 1/4" shaft comes attached to a cap containing a reservoir of 1 mL of Butterfield's or maximum recovery diluent, and is enclosed in a clear plastic sheath. Devices calibrated for 1/10, 1/100 or 1/1000 dilutions are available. Designed with a patented Snap-Valve™ technology, QD-Loop is easy to use. Simply remove the cap and loop from its tube, dip loop in sample, place the loop back into the holder, snap the integrated valve, squeeze the bulb to wash the sterile diluent over the loop, and pour the 1 mL dilution into a dish or tube for culturing. This all-in-one device has made making dilutions quicker and more convenient. Available in cases of 250.

    Order numbers:

    • 0.1ml sample to deliver a 1:10 dilution QD0010
    • 0.01ml sample to deliver a 1:100 dilution QD0100
    • 0.001ml sample to deliver a 1:1000 dilution QD1000
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    Additional Products

    Calibration Control Kit

    SystemSURE Plus and EnSURE luminometers are designed to self-calibrate at startup, but some companies require additional verification of calibration. Incorporating the Calibration Control Kit into your overall Quality Control program will confirm that the luminometer is within specifications and operating correctly.

    Order number: PCD4000

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    Positive Control Kit

    Positive Control Kit is intended to be used for validating the efficacy and quality of the Ultrasnap, Supersnap ATP test device and color metric tests. The kit comes with 25 sealed glass vials containing lyophilized adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and sugars to provide a predictable result.

    Order number: CK25

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    Protective Caring Case

    Protect the SystemSURE from accidental drops and environmental hazards with this protective carrying case.

    Order number: # SSCC01

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    Swab Cooler

    Caring Case and cooler for swabs and SystemSure.

    Order number: SSCC03

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